Wilmington Isolated From Supplies

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(Host) Many communities remain without power or water more than a day after Irene caused widespread damage throughout the state. 

VPR’s Jane Lindholm has more from one Vermont town.

(Lindholm) Lisa Sullivan owns a bookstore in Wilmington, one of 11 communities in the state still isolated from supplies and emergency repairs because of washed out roads and bridges.  She says the situation is grim.

(Sullivan) "No town sewer and water and we’ve sustained pretty significant damage to all of the businesses in our downtown.  Pretty much total devastation of our downtown.  We had a couple of buildings wash away."

(Lindholm) Sullivan says the downtown is currently closed to residents-under surveillance by the National Guard. 

Residents are worried that with so many roads into and out of town closed, it will be difficult to get food and water into the town or to get the municipal sewer system repaired.  State officials say it could be weeks before roads are passable. 

For VPR news, I’m Jane Lindholm.

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