Wilmington and Whitingham vote to consolidate schools

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(Host) Whitingham and Wilmington have agreed to pool their resources in a new joint high school and middle school. The two towns, seven miles apart, have separate high schools and longstanding sports rivalries. But starting next year students from both towns will be going to school together.

Under a new joint contract, Whitingham will house the middle school for the two towns, Wilmington will house the high school. Voters had defeated consolidation proposals in the past, but both towns approved this plan by decisive margins.

John Conlon chairs the Wilmington High School board. He says the combined schools will be able to offer students more course and extracurricular choices at the same of lower cost:

(Conlon) “The vote was so strongly ‘yes’ in both towns. I think what it does, it underscores a commitment from the communities that they want to do this and they want to make it work.”

(Host) The two towns’ high school boards will be appointing members to a new joint board within the next 10 days.

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