White House offers estimate of more than 800,000 new jobs in 10 states from stimulus plan

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The White House says its economic stimulus plan would create more than 800,000 new jobs in 10 Eastern states.

The new estimates were released yesterday by the Obama administration as talks continue in Congress over the recovery plan.

New York leads the way with 228,000 projected jobs, followed by Pennsylvania with 152,000 and Ohio with 142,000.

The administration says 106,000 jobs would be created in New Jersey, followed by Massachusetts with 83,000 and Connecticut with 44,000. New Hampshire would see 17,000, Maine would see 16,000 and Rhode Island would get 13,000. Finally, 8,000 new jobs are projected for Vermont.

Republicans are resisting the bill. They say it includes wasteful spending and won’t do enough to spur job creation.

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