“White Coat Ceremony” at UVM’s medical school

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(Host) Today marked a turning point for first-year medical students at the University of Vermont. 

The annual White Coat Ceremony was held at the Ira Allen Chapel in Burlington. 

A procession of students from the class of 2011 was called to the stage to receive their first white doctor’s coats. 

The ceremony is a symbolic gesture, honoring the achievements of students, and marking the official beginning of their clinical education. 

Erin Perko is a student from Colorado.  Perko says receiving the white coat is a momentous step on the journey toward becoming a doctor.

(Perko)  Today is one of the most important days of my life.  It’s been a day that I’ve been working towards for as long as I can remember.  I’ve wanted to be a doctor since before I could spell the world doctor.  And getting into medical school was a huge step, but this to me really symbolizes the career path that I’ve taken, and it’s an affirmation of what I’ve been working towards for so long, and it’s finally happening. 

All 111 students in the class were on hand to receive their coats, surrounded by a supportive crowd of family and friends

To close the ceremony, the students and faculty joined together for a reading of the Declaration of Geneva, also known as the Doctor’s Oath, a commitment to upholding human rights and civil liberties.       

(Oath)  "I make these promises solemnly, freely and upon my honor."  Congratulations all the students…you look wonderful in white.  (Appause)   

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