Wet Weather Interrupts Farm Production

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(Host) Floods and wet weather this spring have made it difficult for many farmers to spread manure, plant corn and harvest their first crop of hay.

Agriculture Secretary Chuck Ross says he has seen damage at farms throughout the state.

(Ross) "There’s a whole range of unknown consequences yet that go to how many acres have been damaged, both corn and crop ground to potentially drowning out hay land or drowning out alfalfa ground. It’s just so saturated for so long that it may not respond and bounce back."

(Host) Ross says farmers need a stretch of about 10 dry days so their fields will drain and they can plant corn and harvest hay.

The Agriculture Agency is relying on the Farm Bureau and other associations to collect damage reports from their members. The associations will then share that with the state.

  • Farmers can call 211 to report damage. Agricultural associations can email summaries to agr.emergency@state.vt.us

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