Welch responds to SCHIP veto threats

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Vermont‘s congressman is attacking President Bush over his threat to veto a bill expanding chidlren’s health insurance.

The president told reporters Thursday he would veto a children’s health insurance bill likely to soon pass Congress.

The bill increases federal cigarette taxes 61 cents and uses the money to cover an estimated 3 million uninsured kids.

Democrat Peter Welch called the president’s position unreasonable, saying (quote ) "It just makes you wonder what the president’s priorities are if he’s saying no to health care for kids."

The president says he’d like Congress to simply extend the current program — called SCHIP– as it is.

Sixty eight senators voted for an expansion earlier this summer — that’s enough to override a veto. The House passed a different version, and it isunclear if Democrats will get enough Republican support for an override early next week.

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