Welch pleased with committee appointment

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(Host) Congressman elect Peter Welch says he’s very pleased that he’s been selected to serve on the House Rules committee during the next session of Congress.

Welch is one of 9 Democrats who have been appointed by House Speaker elect Nancy Pelosi to serve on this panel.

(Welch) “The Rules committee is like a traffic cop every piece of legislation that is going to the floor that’s going to be considered by the full House has to go to the Rules committee that’s number one number two The Rules committee is the committee that resolves disputes between committees so it is very much involved in the substance of all legislation that goes to the floor.”

(Host) Welch thinks it’s significant that Pelosi appointed three freshmen to serve on the Rules committee:

(Welch) “It’s a follow through on her commitment to change. We’re going to have an agenda that changes the direction that the Congress has had for the past 12 years. We’re going to be focusing on matters that make a difference for middle income and working families. So she’s putting real muscle behind and commitment behind change because you’ve got 3 new members on this committee. And I think it reflects her commitment to changing the agenda in D.C.”

(Host) Welch will be officially sworn in as Vermont’s new member of the U.S. House in the beginning of January.

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