Welch Introduces Bill To Help Small Farms

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(Host) A new bill introduced by Congressman Peter Welch would help small farms whose crops were destroyed by Tropical Storm Irene.

Welch’s bill specifically targets farmers who didn’t have crop insurance.

They could get immediate federal assistance, if they purchase crop insurance in the future.

(Welch) "In Vermont some of these vegetable farms have become a significant and growing part of agriculture. They do extremely well at farmers’ markets and in many cases they have river bottom land and this terrible flood that they experienced with Irene not only wiped out their crops but wiped out their farmland. Now a lot these folks want to farm another day."

(Host) Despite a difficult budget climate in Congress, Welch thinks his approach will be supported by a bipartisan group of House members.

(Welch) "In my one on one conversations with my Republican colleagues as well as Democrats including some Tea Party folks that are basically against spending money on anything, they say hey look this really is different it’s an emergenc,y it’s like your neighbor’s house burned down it’s like your neighbor got flooded out and they understand that that is a separate category."

(Host) Welch says he’ll be meeting with House Republican leaders next week to discuss the best way to get his bill passed.

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