Welch Introduces Bill To Curb College Tuition

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Congressman Peter Welch is introducing legislation designed to curb the skyrocketing cost of college, which he says continues to crush middle class families in Vermont.

Welch filed his bill late last week before Congress adjourned. He says the bill would give regulatory relief to colleges and universities. It would also limit tuition increases.

Welch says his idea is necessary because the cost of college is getting out of reach.

"In the past three decades college costs have increased 1,120 percent," Welch said. "And just last year, even though inflation is very tame, college costs at four-year public institutions went up by 8.3 percent. So this is simply not sustainable."

Welch says some of the regulations Congress imposes on colleges and universities are too expensive and detrimental to better education.

Welch’s legislation is without a co-sponsor in the lame-duck Congress.

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