Welch criticizes Republicans over Hastert visit

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(Host) Democratic Senate President Peter Welch is criticizing Republicans for bringing a powerful politician to Vermont for a quiet fundraising trip.

House Speaker Dennis Hastert visited the state last week to help raise money for the GOP. But the party did not announce the trip, or allow members of the media to question the House Speaker.

Welch, who is considering a run for Congress, says Vermonters deserved a chance to find out more about the speaker’s visit.

(Welch) “Speaker Hastert is the second in line for the presidency. And it’s a big deal when he comes to Vermont. And they snuck him in and out as though he was in the witness protection program. And frankly I think it would have been a great opportunity for Vermonters, or at least the Vermont press, to ask Speaker Hastert a number of questions about federal policy and how it’s affecting Vermont.”

(Host) The Legislature returns for a special session later this week. Welch says he’ll disclose his own political plans when the Legislature’s work is done for the year.

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