Welch addresses House on Bush administration conduct

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(Host) Congressman Peter Welch took to the floor of the House of Representatives today to convey what he called the rising alarm in Vermont about the conduct of the Bush administration.

Welch said opinion is divided, but many of his constituents are calling for the impeachment of the president and vice-president.

(Welch) “What motivated this effort is a commonly shared view that this administration has grossly abused its power and pursued terribly misguided policies. Madame Speaker, while I disagree with the tactic of impeachment, I completely share the goal of restoring accountability and a new direction to our government.”

(Host) Last weekend, about 250 impeachment supporters met with Welch and pressed him to initiate impeachment proceedings in Washington.

Welch refused. He said while he shares their views, he believes an impeachment effort would prolong the war in Iraq.

Along with his statement today Welch entered into the Congressional record impeachment resolutions passed in the Vermont Senate and by voters in the town of Newfane.

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