Weekend Conference Offers Youth “Financial Fitness”

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(Host) A group of volunteers hopes to help Vermont youth get in shape in this time of economic recession.

The goal of the Vermont JumpStart Coalition is financial fitness.

The coalition will hold a "financial fitness fair" this weekend at the University of Vermont.

Coalition president Greg Mousley says between 80 and 100 young people and their parents are expected.

(Mousley) "This information is important whether it’s good economic times or bad economic times. And it’s important whether kids are planning to go to college or not go to college, whether you’re making $30,000 or $130,000, you need to know how to manage that money. … But honestly, this is important information that doesn’t change just because the economy cycles around."

(Host) Youth who attend the fair will learn about credit cards, budgeting, living on their own and how to buy their first car.

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