Warnings over diabetic test strips

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(Host) The Vermont Attorney General’s office is warning consumers in northern Vermont that some diabetic test strips sold in at least one Burlington pharmacy could cause health problems.

The strips are intended for sale outside of the United States and could yield inaccurate results when used with domestic blood sugar monitors

Detective Jefferson Krauss of the Attorney General’s office says authorities are still trying to determine how long the test strips have been for sale. They also want to know if other pharmacies have been selling them.

Krauss says it’s illegal to sell the strips in Vermont. He say’s it’s too early to tell if the strips ended up here because of an oversight or whether they were knowingly sold to retailers.

(Krauss) “That’s certainly a consideration, yes, but we don’t have anything definitive to say about that right now. Our primary concern is to alert the public to the potential harm that these strips might pose and to determine how many of them may be on the Vermont markets.”

(Host) The Attorney General’s office says the test strips in question include “Accu-Chek Sensor Comfort” and “AdvantageTwo” strips.

The boxes that contain them are marked with the words: Made in USA for Export Only.

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