VTrans Says Expect Snow Covered Roads

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(Host) Vermont’s Transportation Agency has been criticized this winter because travel on some highways has been difficult after storms.

Scott Rogers is director of operations at VTrans. He says the agency does a good job.

(Rogers) "I do think we’re working very hard to provide safe roads. I do think we do a very good job of balancing our resources with the environmental impacts. And certainly budget does come into it. But above and beyond everything else, safety is number one. That’s our top goal."

(Host) Rogers says Vermont does not call for roads to be scraped bare.

Instead, the policy is known as "safe roads at safe speeds." Rogers says that means that drivers should expect to see snow on the roads after a storm.

(Rogers) "We’ll be plowing and sanding and salting as necessary to keep roads open, so that roads don’t get closed during a storm event, but that there will be snow on the roads during a storm event."

(Host) VTrans has 250 trucks to maintain the state’s roads. About a third of the agency’s annual budget is spent on winter maintenance.

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