VTrans Launches Online Access To Updates On Projects

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(Host) The Vermont Agency of Transportation has launched a new online tool, called ‘VTransparency’, that’s designed to answer questions about the status of roads, bridges and culverts. 

John Zicconi is a spokesperson for VTrans. He says the tool uses a map interface that helps users find information about the agency’s projects. 

(Zicconi)  What we were looking to do was find a way to make the conditions of our assets and information about them as easily accessible as possible, we believe in transparency in government, and we came up with this tool that hopefully gets people most if not all the way there. 

(Host)  Visitors to the Vtrans website can now access information on bridge inspections and pavement conditions.  They can also find project costs and timelines for construction completion. 

Zicconi says people can still contact the agency if they need to. 

(Zicconi) Every project has a contact information with it online so as they use this tool, if they have more information, there is the name or the email address of a person they can contact looking for more information.

(Host) VTransparency is limited to interstate and state roadways, but it does include information on municipally-owned bridges.

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