VT Edition: Sledding at Hard’ack

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(Host) Within minutes of the first snowfall in Vermont, any hill with more than a 10 degree grade becomes a playground for those who love to sled, slide or sledge. From basements, garages and storage sheds, sledders inflate inner-tubes or dust off sleds, saucers and toboggans of every possible shape and size.

This past weekend offered ideal conditions to get out and play – temperatures in the 30s, no wind and a thick base of snow packed down by thousands of runs by sledding enthusiasts.

VPR’s Ric Cengeri took his Hammerhead Sled to Hard’ack in St. Albans to join other sledders on the hill.

(Sledding sounds)

(Richard Cady, St. Albans) "Oh hi, I’m Richard Cady from St. Albans. We come here every time we can. Every weekend and if I have time after work, we’re here. Our favorite feature of this hill is it’s very easy access, never overly crowded and it’s a great run. You get a lot of speed, you can hit some bumps and everybody’s friendly here. It’s just a great spot."

(Brian Leblanc) "I’m Brian Leblanc and I’m from St. Albans. It’s me and my daughter and parents and kids and having a great time. I’m using a purple sled. Everybody else has tubes and saucers. It’s a plastic sled, fits two people, goes pretty fast." 

(Dakota Demore, Starksboro) "I’m Dakota and I’m from Starksboro. I like this hill because I can down it and I don’t stop in the middle. I keep on going fast until I reach the bottom."

(Lisa Root, St. Albans; Kristin Murphy, St. Albans and Cathy Fitzgerald, St. Albans) "I’m Lisa Root from St. Albans, Vermont, Cathy Fitzgerald from St. Albans, Kristin Murphy from St. Albans, I guess, soon to be L-A. We wanted a group slide and that was our best attempt. We all go to the gym together and this is just something to do besides work out, so we’re here. But this is a lot better, more fun workout, climbing up and down this hill."

Note: Hard’ack in St. Albans is open Thursday through Sunday each week in the winter, with lights for night sledding. It also offers a snowboard hill, an ice rink and trails for snowshoeing and cross country skiing.  


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