VT Edition Interview: Peter Galbraith on Benazir Bhutto and a possible gubernatorial run

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After the assassination of Pakistani political figure Benazir Bhutto one name, familiar to many Vermonters, became a staple in the  national media.  Peter Galbraith, a long-time friend of Bhutto’s, and a longtime player and commentator on international politics himself. 

Peter Galbraith became close friends with Benazir Bhutto while they were students at Harvard in the early 70s.  But he is not just being sought out by the press because of his friendship with Bhutto.  He was the first US Ambassador to Croatia in the 1990s, has worked for the United Nations in East Timor, has been a staff member for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and, closer to home, was Chair of the Vermont State Democratic Committee in the late 70’s.

Galbraith spoke with VPR’s Jane Lindholm about his experiences, his friendship with Benazir Bhutto, and the possibility of running for governor of Vermont this year.

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