VT Edition Interview: Michel Guite on a Hartland cemetery controversy

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A small private cemetery in Hartland has become a lightning rod in the community.

A prospective land buyer — VermontTel CEO Michel Guite wants to move the old cemetery, to make room to build a house. Guite’s plan has drawn criticism from area veterans and others, including the Vermont Old Cemetery Association, who believe such a move is disrespectful. A probate court in Woodstock recently ruled that two descendents of people buried in the cemetery have the right to file objections. But Guite has now appealed to the Windsor Superior court. A public hearing is also being scheduled.

In a recent program Vermont Edition host Jane Lindholm talked with the president of the Vermont Old Cemetery Association, Tom Giffon about his opposition to the plan. Today we bring you Jane’s interview with Michel Guite, who says he’s understands the sensitivities of the situation and that he’s tried to be accommodating.

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