VT Edition Interview: Kathleen Stubbing & Tiffany Bluemle on attracting women to law enforcement careers

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Nationally, only 13% of law enforcement positions are filled by women.  The National Center for Women and Policing says there are several factors that keep the number of women in law enforcement at a low percentage: lack of efforts to recruit women, bias in police hiring, selection, and recruitment practices, and an authoritarian image that discourages women from applying in the first place.

Lieutenant Kathleen Stubbing of the Burlington Police Department oversees the department’s recruitment and training division.  Tiffany Bluemle is the Executive Director of Vermont Works for Women.  Her organization runs a program called "Step up to Law Enforcement," which trains women for jobs in law enforcement.  They spoke with VPR’s Jane Lindholm about efforts in Vermont to increase the ratio of women to men in our ranks. 

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