VT Edition Interview: Dick Mazza, Judy Livingstone & Bill Doyle on legislative income

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As the number of bills in the Legislature increases, so does the complexity of the issues, and the time demands on lawmakers. When they’re in session, our senators and representatives in Montpelier get $614 a week, some mileage and meal allowances, and a lodging allowance for those who rent a room. They also maintain jobs, families, and homes in other parts of the state. They are our citizen legislature.

Representative Judy Livingtson is a Republican from Manchester and a graphic designer. Senator Dick Mazza is a Democrat from Colchester. He runs Dick Mazza’s General Store in Colchester. Senator Bill Doyle is a Republican Senator from Montpelier and a Government Professor at Johnson State. They spoke with VPR’s Jane Lindholm about whether an average Vermonter can still afford to be a legislator.

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