VT Edition: Eric Davis, Susan Bartlett & Neale Lunderville on the veto override

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A tumultuous debate over the $4.5 billion state budget is nearing an end with yesterday’s vote by the legislature’s to override the governor’s veto. The House completed its vote around 1pm, with exactly the two-thirds majority required.  A couple of hours later, the Senate delivered its veto, with a comfortable margin of 23-5.

It remains to be seen just how this override and the previous override on same sex marriage will affect the governor’s prospects going forward as well.

Eric Davis is a political analyst and professor emeritus of Political Science at Middlebury College.  Neale Lundervile is the Administration Secretary and Susan Bartlett is chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee. They spoke with VPR’s Jane Lindholm about what the override vote means for the state and  how this could affect the political climate in Montpelier going forward.

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