Vt Counties To Receive Federal Funding For Flood Repair

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(Host) The federal government has committed to helping communities in three Vermont counties repair damage from this spring’s floods.

And that’s good news to Barre Mayor Thom Lauzon.

(Lauzon) "We were waiting with bated breath for that declaration knowing that we had exceeded the damage level to trigger the declaration, but still you’re a little timid about the possibility of not getting the declaration. So it’s just like a great feeling to have the boxes checked and move forward in good faith."

(Host) Barre faces expensive repairs to the reservoir it owns in the neighboring town of Orange.

That reservoir serves both the city and the town of Barre. The flash floods that hit the region this spring undermined the spillway at the reservoir and that needs at least temporary repairs before winter sets in.

But the mayor says the permanent repairs will have to wait until next spring.

The temporary work is designed to shore up the spillway so it can handle spring runoff next year.

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