Vt. Casts Electoral Votes

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The presidential election was six weeks ago, but Monday was the day that Electoral College votes were cast in state capitals across the country.

Vermont overwhelmingly voted for President Obama, and so Vermont’s three Electoral College votes were cast for him at 10 a.m. Monday morning. Three Democrats met at the Statehouse to swear oaths and sign several copies of the ballots. One of the electors, Kevin Christie, described it as a special experience.

"To be one of those three people is just amazing," said Christie, who also represents a Windsor County district in the Vermont House. "It’s hard to put into words almost, because you’re representing the popular sentiment of the state of Vermont and that’s pretty cool."

Vermont statute requires that the state’s Electoral College votes go to the candidate who won the Vermont popular vote. Each party chooses three electors, and if the party’s presidential candidate wins the popular vote, then their representatives cast the ballots for the Electoral College.

The signed ballots will be sent to the National Archives and to Congress, where they will be officially read and tallied on January 6.

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