VT Agency Of Transportation Works to Establish Communication With Isolated Communities

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(Host) 13 Vermont communities remain cut off from the outside world two days after the remnants of Tropical Storm Irene dropped more than 10 inches of rain on parts of the state.

The Vermont Agency of Transportation is hoping to re-establish ground contact with all isolated communities by the end of the day.

Deputy transportation secretary Sue Minter says crews have been able to do emergency repairs and open roads in  some communities, but in other areas the damage is far more extensive – especially where bridges are out or compromised in some way.

(Mintar) "The magnitude is really profound and unprecedented here. We are trying to throw every resource we have – and more-to address these problems.  The stories of neighbors helping neighbors are so moving. But the extent of this damage in scale is very wide, and we are seeing it all in terms of transportation infrastructure."

(Host) Minter says the key goal right now is to restore some kind of access to the communities that are completely cut off.  Helicopters have delivered emergency supplies to a number of those communities, and special trucks have carried emergency supplies to areas with some access to the outside world.

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