Vt. 911 System To Go Online

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(Host) Vermont’s 911 system is going to go online sometime in the near future.

State officials who run the state’s emergency call system say a new web-based program will allow people to call for help with a simple text message or video.

Once the system is operational, you could take a picture of a flood site, for example, and send it to 911 so responders have a better idea of what steps they need to take.

David Tucker is the executive director of the Enhanced 911 Board. He says adding a texting component to the system is geared to the digital age.

(Tucker) "I think especially with the younger generations coming on that are very tied into the electronic devices and mobile devices and live and breathe with those things, it just makes sense to have the capabilities to be able to text to get emergency services."

Tucker also says first responders should benefit greatly from receiving video from the scene of an emergency.

(Tucker) "For example, the recent flooding around the area. I can imagine some scenarios where it would have been very helpful to emergency responders to have had some video or even a static photograph of some of the things as they were happening."

The system is not in place yet and won’t be until all the carriers add the new technology nationwide.
In the meantime, Vermonters should continue to use the traditional 911 system.

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