VPR’s Steve Delaney explains what it means to be a “recovering flatlander”

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You’re about to hear a familiar voice.

VPR’s Steve Delaney recently put the finishing touches on a 50-year broadcasting career in television and radio that included stints on VPR’s Morning Edition and Midday Report.

You’ll still hear occasionally from Steve as he works on various long-term projects for VPR, but this is the first time you’ll hear from Steve Delaney as author.

Steve has just written his first book — it’s called "Vermont Seasonings" –a collection of essays, poetry and general musings on the way Vermonters interact with their always-changing environment.

The book begins with some definitions, including this one, for what is a "recovering flatlander:"

"Person from Away who has moved to Vermont and who believes it may be possible to pass as a Real Vermonter.  It’s not. 

For more information on the book, email flatlandervt@gmail.com.


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