VPR News Town Meeting Day and Presidential Primary Coverage

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Steve Delaney covers Vermont’s Town Meeting Day and Presidential Primary. We talk with VPR reporters in the field about town meeting results, and speak with others about some of the bigger issues that are up for discussion.

Pulitzer Prize winning author and Rutland Herald editorial writer, David Moats, joins Steve to look at the Vermont Presidential Primary. They analyze the early returns and discuss the winners and losers in Vermont politics as well as what the implications are for the national race.

Click "Listen" to hear VPR’s Town Meeting Day and Presidential Primary coverage with Steve Delaney and David Moats.

Click here for VPR and NPR coverage of the March 4th primaries.

AUDIO SLIDE SHOW: The Town Meeting Tradition

Story by Vermont Public Radio
Photographs by the Valley News

Steve Delaney looks at the rich tradition of Town Meeting Day, its importance to Vermont life and the challenges to grassroots democracy during changing times.

VPR ASKS: Town Meeting Day… what’s on your mind?

VPR would like to know what’s happening at your town meeting. We’d like you to tell us about the top issues on your ballot. Click here to to read others’ contributions and to share your own.

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