VPIRG issues annual list of toy warnings

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(Host) With the two biggest shopping days of the holidays coming up this weekend, the Vermont Public Interest Research Group is urging consumers to be careful not to purchase toys that could be hazardous to young children.

VPIRG Health Advocate Zina Cary has several concerns. Cary says parents need to make certain that they don’t buy toys that contain small parts that a child could choke on. Cary is also warning parents to avoid any products that contain toxic chemicals known as phthalates:

(Cary) “And, it’s found as I said in all kinds of different toys things like fingernail polish, soaps your traditional yellow rubber ducky and clays. A lot of the clays that kids play with, these scultpy clays, contain phthalates and the problem with this ingredient is that it can really lead to some long term serious health problems.”

(Host) Cary says a search of toy shelves also revealed some products that could damage a child’s hearing:

(Cary) “The National Academy of Pediatrics recommends that anything 85 decibels or over is too loud for your little child. We found a toy today that’s recommended for kids 18 months and up and it was clearly not within the guidelines of the Pediatric Academy.”

(Host) Cary urges parents to be careful if they order toys over the Internet because they won’t be able to read any of the warning labels that are printed on the outer boxes of many toys.

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