Voices In The Week’s News: September 7, 2012

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The Public Service Board looked into violations at a Georgia wind project, Mitt Romney was in Vermont to prepare for the Presidential debates, Martha Abbott was named the winner of the Progressive gubernatorial race, at least for the time being, Randy Brock pushed for more debates with Peter Shumlin and the governor reached out to new Quebec premier Paulene Marois [mair WAH].

These were some of the voices in the news this week.

PSB Looking Into Georgia Wind Violations (9/6) 

(Attorney Dan Richardson) "The idea of rocks flying through the air is pretty serious. And there were exhibits submitted showing that there were rocks that were launched onto my client’s property, hitting trees, causing damage. If a person was out there, if an animal was out there, you know that’s cannonade fire."

Romney Prepares For Fall Debates In Left-Leaning Vermont (9/4) 

(Windsor Town Manager Tom Marsh) "I would hope that he’d keep a low profile during the democratic convention, but if he shows up in town we are apolitical when it comes to visitors to Windsor and spending their money. We’ll take it from any political party"

Abbott Wins Progressive Nomination, Smith Might Challenge (9/4) 

(Secretary of State Jim Condos)  "If there is a court challenge or a recount at this point we would have a severe time constraint based on the timing for meeting the federal government’s mandate on ballots reaching the military and overseas voters."

Gubernatorial Candidates Clash Over Debate Schedule (9/5) 

(Republican gubernatorial candidate Randy Brock) "I think it’s a very effective way for voters to ask the questions directly without them being filtered through media outlets, to ask the candidates directly to get a chance to interact with them both before as well as after the debate. And to see them live and engage each other about the issues that are important to Vermonters."

Shumlin Reaches Out To New Quebec Premier (9/5) 

(Governor Peter Shumlin) "And she said emphatically to me, ‘Governor, I first of all am very excited about what you are fighting for in Vermont. And I’m very excited about working together with you to continue the strong and vital relationship that’s so important to both of us.’"


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