Voices In The Week’s News, October 5, 2012

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This week, migrant farmworkers made the case for issuing drivers licenses to undocumented workers. In the Treasurer’s race, Wendy Wilton said Beth Pearce lacked commitment to the state because she rents her home, instead of owning it. The state’s health care board decided not to cover dental work for adults in the basic benefits package. And Rutland mourned the death of teenager Carly Ferro, who was killed by a driver under the influence of drugs.

These were some of the voice in the news this week:


Migrant Farmworkers Make Pitch For Drivers’ Licenses

(Advocate Brendan O’Neill) "And what they found is there is actually no law, federal law, including the Real ID Act…. that prohibit the state of Vermont from creating a license that’s accessible to undocumented residents."
(Sen. Peg Flory) "The license says you are a legal Vermont resident. That’s what the requirements on our license are. "

Treasurer Race Gets Personal

(GOP candidate Wendy Wilton) "At this point the Vermont voters certainly have the right to evaluate the candidate’s commitment whether it’s her or me based on a variety of issues but as much about what we do and our actions in our lives as well as what we say."
(Democratic incumbent Beth Pearce) "To question my commitment to the state that I love is offensive," said Pearce. "When Wendy wants to have an adult conversation about Vermont’s bottom line, the triple A bond rating that I’ve improved I’m ready to do that."

Dental Care Won’t Be Covered In Vt. Health Plan

(Donna Sutton Fay, Vermont Campaign for Health Care Security) "It’s definitely our view that it would be money well spent and it’s part of health care. I mean access to dental is a huge issue in Vermont so it’s our view that clearly it would be money well spent."

Rutland Mourns For Carly Ferro

(Agnes Ferro, Carly’s aunt) "She had beautiful curly brown hair and big sparkling eyes," she said, "and a smile that just lit everything up – you couldn’t help but smile back at her when you saw her smile at you."

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