Voices in the Week’s News: October 26, 2007

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Brian Dubie’s future and Patrick Leahy’s work in the Senate were only some of the stories that were in the news this week this week. A train derailed in Middlebury, the spotlight was on immigrant workers in Vermont, and the state announced it would try to control native lampreys in Lake Champlain.

Here’s a listen back to some of the voices in the news this week:

Train derails in Middlebury, prompting evacuation, traffic backups
(Dillon) "This afternoon a train that was northbound did go off rails and a couple cars tipped over.”

Cleanup continues after Middlebury train derailment
(David Wulfon, President of The Vermont Railway) "It seems that a broken rail has caused this mess."

Crews working to clean-up after train derailment
(Herrick) "A great deal of what leaked was contained, but we really can’t quantify what has leaked … even less, what has gotten into the Otter Creek."

Agriculture leaders says new farm bill may help when milk prices drop
(Agriculture Secretary Roger Allbee) "To provide a better safety net to make sure that if the milk price drops in the future, as it has in the past, that there would be a greater safety net for the dairy farmer.”

Sanders trying to reform foreign worker program
(Sen. Bernie Sanders) "If employers are having a hard time finding workers there is a solution. You don’t have to bring in cheap labor from abroad to depress wages for American workers. You raise wages."
(Parker Reihle, Vermotn Ski Areas Association) "Once we do fill all our spots with as many local Vermonters as we can, there’s still a 5-10 percent or so range of openings that we still need to fill."

Farmers worry about federal crackdown on immigrant workforce
(Farmer Richard Dodd) "We had a couple guys that were coming to work….they pulled into the driveway, and three Border Patrol guys swarmed them and took them away."

Congressional delegation, Douglas differ on children’s health compromise
(Douglas) "We have to find some middle ground. We have to find a bill that the president will sign, that the Congress can agree to because all this posturing doesn’t insure a single child."

State wants to control lamprey, but research shows they’re native to Lake Champlain
(Steve McLeod, Vermont Traditions Coalition) "Vermonters are going to have to make a choice … do we want a lake full of blood sucking parasites, or do we want a lake full of trout and salmon?"

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