Voices in the week’s news: October 10, 2008

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(Host) National and state political candidates in the midst of a busy campaign season weren’t the only ones making news this week. In addition, AIG looked into the possibility of selling its Stowe Mountain Resort. The Vermont State Police are running up against a tight budget. A new group formed to revitalize the economy of the Northern Forest region. The U.S. Supreme Court will hear a consumer rights case of a Vermont woman whose arm was amputated after taking a medication. And, parents react to a line of controversial snowboards from Burton.

These were some of the voices in this week’s news:

AIG could sell Stowe Mountain Resort

(Berry) "If in fact they’re going to sell it, it will end one of the longest-standing ownership relationships in the industry, if not the longest-standing ownership relationship. If you look at CV Starr, you look at AIG and you look at Hank – the whole all of Stowe has been under one ownership since its inception.”

State Police works to trim budget

(Baker) "They have permission from me to say, `No,’ to citizens that we’re not going to respond to some of that stuff, if we believe there is no public safety issues involved, because we need to be able to manage our resources, our fuel.
Group works to revitalize economy of Northern Forest region

(Short) “This is the first time that the four northern forest states have come together to focus on the shared economic challenges and opportunities facing their northern forest communities.”

Vermont consumer rights case goes to Supreme Court

(Levine) "I mean, they can’t give me my arm back, obviously. But they changed my life inalterably and it didn’t have to happen because they knew about all the cases ahead of me."

Parents raise concern over Burton snowboard line–

"Because they’ve made a decision to not think about the well being of all children, why would I want to wear their Burton jacket or their gloves. I’m hoping that parents will be where I am and say we’re not going to support Burton if they’re not going to support us as parents. "

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