Voices in the Week’s News: November 9, 2007

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Controversy over a states attorneys handling of a marijuana case was one of the top stories in the news this week. There was also some good news in a survey of teen behavior in Vermont. In Montpelier there was talk of privatizing the state lottery and funding education with an income tax.

And another Vermonter died in Iraq. Adam Muller was remembered by his friends as an enthusiastic and generous young man.

These are some of the voices that were in the news this week

Windsor County State’s Attorney says there are bigger problems than pot

Windsor County State’s Attorney Robert Sand: "I don’t deny that there was a significant quantity of marijuana here. This is a 61 year old woman with no prior involvement with the criminal justice system. The fair response, in my assessment, was to afford her this opportunity."

Legal experts question Windsor marijuana case

Attorney General William Sorrell: "It’s the first time that in a particular county that a sitting governor has directed the law enforcement that answers to the governor to refer certain cases to the AG’s office, rather than to the county state’s attorney.”

Some good news in teen "risky behavior" report

Deputy Health Commissioner Christine Finley: "I sometimes think that adolescents only hear the bad news about their age group. And we’ve seen positive progress in reducing the risky behavior among teens." Senate President Pro-Tempore Peter Shumlin: "Vermont has always been very thoughtful; we don’t exploit the lottery as other states do. I can assure you that the private sector will."

House committee agrees to draft income proposal

(Douglas Administration Secretary Michael Smith: "If you move to the income tax you haven’t done anything with cost. And here’s the plain fact: If you don’t lower the cost, the revenue growth will never keep up with the cost.”

Sanders says private security contractors should leave Iraq

Senator Bernie Sanders: "I think if the U.S. Secret Service can
protect the President of the United States as federal employees, sure as
hell we can have federal employees called the U.S. Military protect the
ambassador and other high-ranking American officials in that

Vermont soldier remembered

Dana Storer, friend of Vermont soldier Adam Muller" "He thought he could make a difference and I think he thought what was going on in Iraq at the time was needed."

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