Voices in the Week’s News: November 30, 2007

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Environmental enforcement actions were on a lot of minds recently, but they weren’t only stories in the news this week.

The ski season opened with a big weekend, the farm bill continued to be mired in Congress and one of the state’s biggest agencies presented a re-organization plan to the Legislature. Here’s a listen to some of the voices in the news this week.

Ski resorts have a good weekend 11/26

(Okemo spokeswoman Bonnie Macpherson) "The days leading up to the weekend were cold so we could make lots of snow. And then we had two glorious blue bird sunny sky days that brought the skiers out in droves."

Advocates say Farm Bill filibuster will hurt hungry Vermonters 11/27

(Robert Dostis, Vermont Campaign to End Childhood Hunger) "We cannot delay implementation of this bill. It is just unconscionable given the recent statistics put out by the USDA that showed hunger in this country, in Vermont, is on the rise."

Cabot Creamery pleades guilty to chemical spill 11/27

(Roberta MacDonald, Cabot Creamery senior vice president) "We signed an agreement that says we will prove or show how we train people and make them aware of the environmental consequences of the material we handle. We will do more than what we’ve done before. We will do more than what is expected."

Federal authorities say they’ve broken up two alien smuggling rings 11/29

(Bruce Foucart, Immigration and Customs Enforcement) "These organizations pose a national security threat as would-be terrorists, criminals and others who may mean harm to us. These individuals can often access the same routes and use the same methods as smugglers use to gain access to this country.”

ANR undergoing major reorganisation 11/29

(State Senator Susan Bartlett) "Something this major, I believe it’s important that two branches of government participate in. And that this just isn’t something that the executive does when you’re taking something this big… and you show at the legislature and say, how do you like it?"

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