Voices In The Week’s News: November 18, 2011

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After Irene, medical professionals have addressed the storm’s emotional toll and community groups have geared up to help those in need, Burlington Police continued their investigation into the recent ‘Occupy" shooting death, St. Albans city and town studied the cost of merging and Vermont’s unemployment numbers dropped again.

These were some of the voices in the news this week.

Medical Professionals Seek To Address Irene’s Emotional Toll (11/15)
(Psychiatrist Kevin Buchanan) "For the vast majority of people, symptoms gradually resolve and they get back to things. For some people that’s not happening. Their symptoms are continuing or they’re still struggling to get their lives back. Those people would benefit from getting more help."

Community Foundation Gears Up To Help Those Who Still Need Help After Irene (11/15)
(David Coates, chairman, Vermont Long Term Disaster Recovery Group) "The biggest challenge is the fact that we need people on the ground. We need the boots on the ground and we need case workers. There is a commitment now to put an additional eight out there which will give us about 15 which means we can probably handle anywhere from three to four hundred cases."

Police Continue Investigation Of ‘Occupy’ Shooting Death (11/16)
(Burlington Police Chief Michael Schirling) "They certainly are welcome in the park for assembly and lawful protest activity between 6 a.m. and midnight when the park is open. At this point, I think the city is fairly clear that encampment is not something that works in that space or potentially in any public space."

St. Albans Town And City Study Whether Merger Would Cut Cost (11/16)
(City Manager Dominic Cloud) "It’s time to ask the question: could we deliver services more effectively by dissolving the boundaries of the City of St. Albans?"

Vt. Unemployment Rate Down To 5.6 Percent From 5.8 (11/17)
(Governor Peter Shumlin) "The fact that we’re seeing our employment numbers go down, the fact that we’re seeing our revenues go up, the fact that we’re seeing some of the fruits of our labors actually pay dividends in jobs and a better economic future for Vermonters, we’re cautiously optimistic that the future is going to continue to be a bright one for Vermont."


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