Voices in the Week’s News: May 16, 2008

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Campaign announcements and departures from the governor’s administration were only some of the stories in the news this week. A large settlement was awarded in an abuse lawsuit against the Burlington Diocese, the Brian Rooney’s murder trial began, gas prices dominated Congress, new wildlife management policies were looked at and the future of rail service in Vermont was scrutinized.

These were some of the voices in the news this week:


Pollina says Symington will change dynamics of gubernatorial race

(Anthony Pollina) "That kind of outside-the-Statehouse experience, to me, is what people are looking for. If they want another inside, if they want the same kind of government they’ve got, or politics as usual, there’s other people they can vote for.”


Diocese will appeal $8.7 million verdict

(Kaveh Shahi) "We don’t have a problem with fair and reasonable compensation for victims who have suffered and have to deal with issues such as therapy and other needs.”


Welch’s proposal to suspend shipments to petroleum reserve gains support

(Rep. Peter Welch) "The question that we have before us today is whether or not taking a small step that in the past has been taken by this President Bush, by his father, by President Clinton, that when it has been taken has proven to actually have a direct and immediate impact on lowering the price of gas at the pump from 5 cents to 25 cents a gallon."


Jury selection is complete for Rooney trial in Rutland

(Rosemary Gretkowski)"Is there anyone here who is concerned that they might not be able to focus on the photographs. . . They’ll be photographs of the scene, autoposy photographs and we’ll be asking you to look at those to show you certain pieces of evidence."


Public input sought for wildlife management plans

(John Buck) So we try to find the answer that is an optimal carrying capacity that provides both for the ecological integrity of our forestland and for the satisfaction of not only deer hunters, but all the people of Vermont to enjoy seeing deer, and bears and moose and turkeys and all of our wildlife.”


Critics question whether money for rail in western Vermont is being well spent

(Paul Craven) The timing could not be better than it is right now, in regard to a number of things: gas prices, cost of flying… But we weren’t in Vermont able to advance the western corridor concept, and we’re still kind of stumbling around. ..

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