Voices In The Week’s News: March 26, 2010

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Student Loan reform had an impact on VSAC, the U-V-M women made it to the second round of the N-C-A-A tournament, Ben & Jerry’s introduced a new C-E-O, the Vermont House passed legislation on judiciary restructuring and delaying tax decreases and Vermont Yankee finished its tritium investigation.

These were some of the voices in the news this week:

Student Loan Reform Means Changes For VSAC (3/22)

(VSAC executive director Don Vickers) "Today we raise the capital, we originate the loans and we service the loans. With the passage of the legislation the loans will all be made by the federal government. But it provides for organizations like VSAC to service the loans that will be made by the federal government in Vermont."

UVM Women Face Notre Dame Tonight (3/23)

(UVM Sports Information Director Lisa Champagne) "Vermont’s going to need to keep Notre Dame to one shot and done and get rebounds and try to push it up the court as quickly as we can. And that’s the way Vermont’s played all year."

Ben & Jerry’s Introduces New CEO On ‘Free Cone Day’ (3/23)

(Ben & Jerry’s Marketing executive Sean Greenwood) "We have a new CEO. Jostein Solheim is here, ready to take the helm. We figured nothing better than start him off on day two than free cone day. We figure if he can handle this, then he’s going to stick around."

House Passes Judiciary Restructuring Legislation (3/23)

(Hinesburg Rep. Bill Lippert)  "Judicial restructuring is important for the Vermonter in every town in Vermont, because it means ensuring access to justice. It means ensuring that court hearings will continue to be held in every county in the state of Vermont."

House Votes To Delay Tax Decrease, Setting Off Partisan Debate (3/25)

(Newfane Rep. Richard Marek) "Every business has an argument why they should be exempt from paying and have a special deduction –  if they don’t pay, average Vermonters do – their burden as so many repeatedly tell us is heavy enough already."

Vermont Yankee Finishes Tritium Investigation (3/26)

(Yankee communications director Larry Smith)  "This is where the tritium wells and where the excavation is, where we found the two leaks and where we’re going to remediate the soil."

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