Voices In The Week’s News: March, 11, 2011

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The massive snow storm at the beginning of the week and the governor’s secret vacation destination dominated the news this week. But also in the last few days, mental health care advocates gathered en masse at the statehouse to fight budget cuts to human service programs, and the NRC signed off on Vermont Yankee’s license extension – setting up a battle with state regulators.

These were some of the voices in the news this week:

VT Buried Under Two Feet Of Snow After Near-Blizzard 

(Burlington City worker James Daly) "This is really a lot of snow. We can barely move it. I mean, I’m just back and forth, back and forth. Normally we can run right down and push it all over real fast, keep it to one side. Today it’s just piling it in any place that you can find a spot."

Near-Blizzard Conditions Across Northern Vermont  

(Brooke Taber, National Weather Service) "When it’s all said and done, we will probably be breaking several records of snow for the month of March and for the daily here at Burlington."

Governor’s Vacation During Storm Draws Questions

(Governor’s spokeswoman Sue Allen) "Like any private citizen he’s entitled to a vacation. We’re respecting his privacy in terms of not disclosing where he’s taking that vacation, other than to say it is out of state."

Mystery Solved: Governor Returns From Caribbean Vacation 

(Governor Peter Shumlin) "I took his advice. So we thought it was best that the little island of Dominica didn’t know that I was the governor – they didn’t. I met a lot of my friends, they called me Peter, it was great to be an ordinary citizen again for a few days. That’s why we didn’t disclose where I was."  

NRC Clears Vermont Yankee For License Extension  

(NRC-Chairman Gregory Jaczko) "We believe that Entergy through the exhaustive review that we’ve done for license renewal, meets all of our requirements and standards to be able to operate for another 20 years….. There are a variety of permits and actions that are required for this facility to operate. The NRC’s action today is just one piece of that."

Mental Health Advocates Fight Proposed Budget Cuts

(Chanting) (Protester David DiLego) "If these programs continue to be cut, there is a very clear consequence. People will die. People will commit suicide and, God forbid, may harm someone else."

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