Voices in the week’s news: June 5, 2009

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Vermont businesses voiced concern over new border ID requirements, the state employees union moved to delay job cuts, the Governor’s budget veto was overridden and Senator Bartlett said she’ll run for governor. These were some of the voices in the news this week:  

Businesses concerned about border ID requirements (6/2)

(Tim Shea, Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce) "We want to make sure it’s still convenient for Canadians to travel across the border, knowing that the world has changed and there’s added security needed."

Employees union asks court to delay job cuts (6/4)

(Vermont State Employees Union director Jes Kraus)  "Why would you want to lay off all of these people? Many of the people we’re hearing from – they may lose their houses as a result of this, they won’t be able to keep their kids in college, they won’t be able to do a number of things. Why not just give it a very small chance to work and see what kind of cost savings you realize first, before you make any rash decisions that have a significant impact to both individuals and state government."

House, Senate override governor’s veto of state budget (6/2)

(Speaker Shap Smith) "Please listen to the results of your vote. Two thirds of the vote – or 100 – necessary to pass. Those voting yes: 100. Those voting no: 50. You have voted to override the veto of H441."

(Burlington Representative David Zuckerman) "While this budget is not what I would have preferred, the alternatives in every way are worse. Further reliance on property taxes would only hurt our small businesses and our schools even more than this budget does."

Susan Bartlett says she’ll run for governor (6/4)

(State Senator Susan Bartlett) "Come about July, I will be talking folks and then sort of officially launching a campaign. But I expect it’ll be the middle of July before I get through the odds and ends of personal things I need to do and then officially launch a campaign. But, yes, I am definitely running."

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