Voices in the week’s news: June 12, 2009

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Gas prices rose, Vermont Yankee leaked, the Democrats offered an olive branch and Vermont was found to be safe and green. These were some of the voices in the news this week:  




Fuel dealers call for investigation into rising prices (6/8)

(Senator Bernie Sanders) "What economics 101 tell us is when you have a lot of supply and less demand prices should go down but in fact prices right now are soaring."

Vermont Yankee reduces power to fix leak (6/8)

(Vermont Yankee spokesman Rob Williams) "We’ve had this condition several times over the life of the plant. And what we do is reduce power and that allows us to isolate sections of the condenser and then it allows technicians to be able to go in and repair it."

Dems pledge to work with Douglas on next year’s fiscal challenges (6/9)

(Senate President Peter Shumlin) "What we need to do now is use this opportunity to not gloat, to not point fingers at each other, to not bicker, to not play the blame game, but to find ways to work together, to ensure that we don’t end up here again in 2011."

Report says Vermont remains safe (6/12)

(Max Schlueter, director, Vermont Criminal Information Center) "Certainly when we look at the overall number of crimes, that was nearly steady from 2007 when compared to 2008. There were these shifts in particular types of crime. The good news is that the violent crime is down, the drug-related crime seems to be down."

Green economy growing faster than other employment (6/11)

(Kil Huh, project director, Pew Charitable Trusts) "Vermont actually has one of the highest shares of jobs in the clean energy economy relative to total jobs nationwide. It’s created the policy environment, as well as the investor environment, to essentially poise it for explosive growth moving forward. And Vermont in that sense is an example for the rest of the country to follow."

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