Voices In The Week’s News: June 10, 2011

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After the storms and flooding, Central Vermont attempted to rebound, the Governor announced loans for businesses and the state sought aid for farmers; transportation officials received input on rail routes and Peter Welch reacted to the scandal surrounding Congressman Anthony Weiner.

These were some of the voices in the news this week.

In Barre, Flooding Continues To Burden Residents (6/7/11) 

(Doug Bishop, American Red Cross) "The Red Cross continues to do things such as client case work. We are also sending out teams into the neighborhoods in central Vermont to provide food, beverage and cleanup kits to help people who are working to rehab their homes."

For Flood-Damaged Businesses, Shumlin Announces Aid (6/8/11)

(Governor Peter Shumlin) "To help businesses like this one get inventory back in shape, make infrastructure investments or deal with other capital needs. And we want to get that money out immediately. The simple plan is – this is not a hand out, it’s a hand up."

State To Request Emergency Aid For Farms (6/9/11) 

(Bob Paquin, state director, USDA Farm Service Agency) "You can never make the farmer whole – none of these programs will ever do that. But they will help."

Transportation Officials Seek Input On Expanded Rail Route (6/9/11) 

(Carl Fowler, member of Vermont Rail Advisory Council) "The study is broader than just what happens between Rutland, Manchester and Albany or Rutland, Saratoga and Albany. This is a complete redesign of the rail infrastructure of western Vermont for both freight and passenger and its markets are much broader than just the small part of the study." 

Appalled, Welch Reacts To Weiner Scandal (6/7/11) 

(Congressman Peter Welch)  (Welch) "So the behavior and the lying about it is unacceptable and really was a breach of trust. And it does a lot of damage obviously to people’s already fragile confidence in this institution of Congress. So it was really quite egregious behavior and was very upsetting."

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