Voices In The Week’s News: July 20, 2012

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Corrections says increased violence in prisons may be linked to out of state gang activity. An ironic SuperPAC was the first to form in Vermont. UVM’s new president Tom Sullivan started work.  Second home owners with Irene flood damage tried to sort out mixed messages about flood relief. And the annual event Solarfest gets underway in Tinmouth.

These were some of the voices in the news this week.

Vermont Sees Increase In Prison Violence

(Corrections Commissioner Andy Pallito) "People who are not necessarily Vermont residents, or not Vermont residents held on a lot of drug charges starting to pocket in Vermont. We looked at the violence associated with that, and violence was up in 2012 in Vermont’sfacilities. We had no way to move them out of state."

In Ironic Twist, Vt. Super PAC Aims To Limit Campaign Spending

(Bob Stannard)  "Like all Super PACS, the idea is to participate in the electoral process to elect candidates who can help advance issues that you find important. And one of the issues that we find important is the elimination of Super PACs."

UVM’s Sullivan Says Focus Will Be On Communication

(UVM President Tom Sullivan) One of the highest priorities in my presidency will be the question of financial access and affordability. I want to make sure that we have the right balance between tuition and fees on the one hand, and financial aid and scholarship packages on the other."

Confusion Over Flood Relief For Second Home Owners

(Bobby Arms, Wardsboro second home-owner) "Everybody is the same! You’ve all got your money invested. They all contribute to the community, in many ways, whether it’s just coming to store or buying groceries or buying gas to go back home. I would say we are the same. The difference is you don’t live here, but if there’s a program we ought to be involved with it."

After 18 Years, Organizers Rethink Solarfest

(Solarfest volunteer and organizer Jaya Holliman) "This isn’t revolutionary anymore. You know at first it was like, ‘hey, we can go solar!’ 17 years ago. And now people know about this stuff. So maybe Solarfest needs to constantly reinvent itself like any organization."

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