Voices In The Week’s News: January 29, 2010

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The events at Vermont Yankee have dominated the news this week, but it hasn’t been the only story that captured our attention.  The state had to borrow tens of millions of dollars to cover unemployment benefits, Senator Bernie Sanders railed against the appointment of Ben Bernanke to the Federal Reserve, and teenagers testified against texting while driving.

The cultural news was rich too – several Vermonters are preparing to compete in the Olympics, JD Salinger was remembered, and the Annual Farm Show wrapped up in Barre.

These were some of the voices n the news this week:



Unemployment Up, Funds Dwindling

"How much and how long we borrow is going to depend on what kind of action the Legislature takes this session to come up with a solution to put the fund on a trend towards recovery."


Sanders Organizes Opposition To Bernanke Reappointment

(Sen. Bernie Sanders) "I think it’s just very wrong to appoint somebody who was asleep at the switch, whose job is to protect the safety and soundness of our financial institutions and he didn’t do it. He failed and I don’t know that you reappoint somebody who failed so terribly at the most important thing that he’s supposed to be doing."

Citizens Urge Ban On Texting While Driving

(Colchester High School  student Diana Marchessault) "I’ve been in a car with friends who will swerve while they’re texting while driving because they simply can’t concentrate on what they’re doing when they’re texting. Because when you’re just talking to someone you can still concentrate on the road, whereas when you’re texting you’re paying attention to your keyboard and what you’re typing. And that takes your eyes off the road. And if you take your eyes off the road for 2 seconds you can get into an accident – which most kids don’t understand because they think they’re invincible."


Vermonters Headed To Vancouver Olympics

(Freestyle skier Hannah Kearney) "Last time I went to sort of experience the Olympics, just test the waters, and it did not turn out very well for me. So the number one goal I have for the Olympics is to win a gold medal this time."


J.D. Salinger Is Remembered In Windsor

(Windsor resident Joyce Pierce) "Somehow or other they knew he got his mail at a post office box in Windsor Vermont. And they would say, ‘Pardon me but do you know J.D. Salinger?’ And most of us would say, ‘Well yes, we do.’ And that would be the end of the conversation because nobody was going to give him away because we knew he didn’t want to talk to these people."


A Visit To The Vermont Farm Show

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