Voices In The Week’s News: January 28, 2011

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The EPA revoked its Lake Champlain cleanup plan, vacationers in some local ski towns fell prey to internet scammers, residents of Readsboro weighed the pros and cons of a proposed wind project and Governor Shumlin’s new appointee laid out her priorities for expanding broadband and cell phone service across the state.

These are some of the voices in the news this week:

EPA Revokes Vermont’s Lake Champlain Cleanup Plan (1/24/11)
(Louis Porter, Conservation Law Foundation) "It sets the groundwork for a new approach and a new relationship between the state and the EPA that will, and has the real potential to, at any rate, set out a new path to clean the lake up and keeping it clean."

Vacation Rental Scams Hit Ski Towns (1/24/11)
(Wilmington Police Chief Joe Szarejko) "People come up to go to the house that they’ve supposedly rented and there is no house there. So that’s when they realize that they’ve been scammed and that’s when they come to the police department."

Readsboro Community Weighs In On Wind Project (1/26/11)
(Readsboro select board member Craig Bartosewcz) "I feel that long term it’ll help our environment. It’s going to provide a little help to the poor town of Readsboro – a little tax money. Yes, we’re scarring a little bit of the mountainside, but somehow it’s got to weigh itself out."
(Readsboro builder Bill Birch) "You know there’s going to be 30 megawatts of power they’re going to get out of these wind mills and that’s not a lot and it’s because the windmills only turn when the wind blows. So they’ve got to have power in the back ground a hydro plant, a coal plant to provide the power still."

New Appointee Will Lead Effort To Expand Broadband, Cell Phone Service (1/27)
(Businesswoman Karen Marshall) "Number one, a wireless canopy that covers the state by 2013. Fiber deep into communities that’s really the marriage, if you will, of the technical pieces. We need both of those – they work in sync with one another. Fiber provides a back haul for towers, you know towers give us the ability to provide wireless broadband those two have to come together at the same time."



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