Voices in the week’s news: January 26, 2008

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Governor Jim Douglas’ budget plan was a top news story this week. Also, legislators heard opinions about decriminalizing marijuana possession. Senator Bernie Sanders was critical of the Environmental Protection Agency’s failure to act on auto emissions. And there was debate about what documents you’ll need to cross the U-S border from Canada.

Here’s a listen back to some of the voices in the news this week:

Douglas: Vermont has entered period of "economic uncertainty"

(Gov. Jim Douglas) "Until we get around this period of economic uncertainty, we will be required to make some very difficult choices among many important priorities. Some programs will be put on hold, others will be reshaped and everyone will be asked to share in the sacrifice. Expanding the size and scope of government would be a mistake, as would raising taxes on already struggling families."

Lawmakers hear testimony on pot decriminalization

(Kathleen Daye) "We know however what does work to reduce drug use: the public health approach, like we’re using with tobacco. Tobacco use is going down while it’s still legal, and we’re using a public health approach."

(Tom Kelly) "Let me suggest that prosecutors have control of their resources. And I can tell you that in my office we do not devote inordinate time to marijuana cases, we are not overwhelmed by those cases and I don’t know if there’s a county that is."

Douglas, Sanders challenge EPA decision

(Sen. Bernie Sanders)“If you can’t go forward, at least get out of the way! In Vermont, we take the environment seriously. We are an outdoor state. We want to see our streams, our lake kept clean.”

Feds trying to get word out about passport regulations

(Robert Jacksta) “We recognize that this is a big challenge. We recognize that this is a cultural change. Over the last 200 years people have come across the border and would just be able to state that they’re a US citizen or a Canadian. We believe that the time has changed.”

Feds trying to get word out about passport regulations

(Ron Redmond) “One of the things that surprises me is that often we think that there are two different countries here. But what I think the administration is forgetting is that there’s really one region. And we have so many ties with Quebec in terms of our history, our culture and these economic links.”

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