Voices In The Week’s News: January 25, 2013

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Volunteers marked Martin Luther King Day by doing community service, the state said detecting future leaks at Vermont Yankee may be compromised, committees looked into high gasoline prices, Legislators were introduced to the Health care Exchange software and Vermonters hit the ice for some pond hockey.

These were some of the voices in the news this week.

Volunteers In Rutland Mark MLK Day By Doing Service

(Melissa Schlobohm, AmeriCorps) "It just all evolved into this beautiful collaboration of 10 organizations with 15 different projects all in the name of Martin Luther King, who devoted his life to equality and social justice."

State Says Finding Future Yankee Leaks May Be Compromised

(Bill Irwin, the state’s radiological health chief)  "Obviously, if you’re looking for something new leaking – with a low concentration – if the groundwater already has much greater concentrations in it we will have a difficult time detecting that. So we genuinely have to rely on other methods of detecting tritium leaks at the plant."

Committees Probe Higher Gas Prices

(Senator Bernie Sanders)"Bottom line for me is people are getting ripped off, including many working families who just can’t afford to pay 10-15-20 cents a gallon more than they should be paying." 

Health Care Exchange Software Unveiled

(Claire Ayer, chair of the Senate Health and Welfare committee) "I think it’s a great start but there’s a lot of work that’s going to happen with our consultants and by people in Vermont mostly the agency people. They’re going to spend a long time fine tuning those questions and test driving it and test driving it."

Pond Hockey Is A Classic

(Derek Brown, Vermont Pond Hockey Classic) "We don’t have any rules. No fighting. You know, puck goes in the bank, we toss it in. We got 10 minutes running time. Pucks we try to avoid going over the waist. You can’t score from the other half even though we try. Yeah, basic pond hockey rules. Traditional pond hockey rules."


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