Voices In The Week’s News: January 22, 2010

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Governor Douglas delivered his budget address and the Democrats reacted, there was a call to tap the state’s Rainy Day Fund, questions mounted over the controversy at Vermont’s Police Academy and more tritium leaks were discovered at Vermont Yankee.

These were some of the voices in the news this week.

Governor Jim Douglas’s 2010 Budget Address (1/19)

(Governor Jim Douglas) "Just as Vermonters did more than 80 years ago, we must rebuild better than before.  This year we will be judged not just by our ability to pass a balanced budget, but by whether that budget prepares our state and its people for a stronger tomorrow."

Budget Reaction: Cuts Will Burden Those Who Can Least Afford It (1/19)

(Chittenden Senator Doug Racine)  "The cuts the governor proposed are heavily weighted against those folks who don’t have a voice very often in this building, and that’s those who are most vulnerable. There are mental health cuts, there are unemployment cuts, there are unemployment benefit cuts. And I’m really concerned about the long term impacts on Vermonters and the future of our state when you have such an impact on people’s lives and people’s health."

Some Lawmakers, Policy Analysts Want To Tap Rainy Day Funds (1/18)

(Jack Hoffman, senior analyst, Public Assets Institute)  "You could use the Rainy Day Funds now and then that buys you a year to actually put these new efficiency plans in place. And then you realize your $38 million in savings the following year."

Questions Mount Over Controversy At Police Academy (1/21)

(Steve Benard, chairman of the Vermont Criminal Justice Training Council) "The Vermont State police initiated a criminal investigation after a preliminary analysis of McMullen’s computer revealed it may contain contents of a criminal nature."

Yankee Discovers Tritium In Second Well (1/19)

(Tony Klein, House Natural Resources and Energy Committee Chairman) "We’re just seeing the tip of the iceberg with this. It is an old plant, it is an old system. It is leaking. And now it is leaking in a horrific manner. And there is no way that anybody should or could sugarcoat this to the public."

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