Voices in the week’s news: January 18, 2008

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In addition to campaign finance reform, the news this week included scaled back state revenue projections, and the Democrats’ plan to restructure the Corrections department. And, then the governor’s race took a turn with Peter Galbraith hesitantly talking about a possible run, and Progressive Anthony Pollina beginning to raise money. And, on the presidential stage, Senator Patrick Leahy endorsed Barack Obama.

Here’s a listen back to some of the voices in the news this week:

State officials downgrade revenue projections

(Susan Bartlett) "I have already asked individual senators and chairs of committees to with their committee, just begin to start thinking of are there services that you can see if we didn’t do for a year that would be alright. If we have to make those sorts of choices, what are your recommendations on those sorts of choices.”

Democratic leaders unveil Corrections plan

(Senator Dick Sears) "Because if we stay the way we’re going now I can guarantee you that we will spend…by 2018 an additional 80 to 202 million dollars on Corrections over what we’re spending today now what does that take away from…just begin on down the road of different programs that you can’t do if you’re spending that kind of money on corrections. If we could do the job better for less, why wouldn’t we do it?"

Galbraith says he’s seriously considering gubernatorial race

(Peter Galbraith) "These are things that I will talk about. I’m going around the state talking to people and would talk about if I were a candidate.”

Pollina campaign raises $100,000

(Rep. Chris Pearson) "Last time Anthony ran it took us eight months to raise this money. This time we’ve done it in eight weeks. I think that’s a very good beginning. We have a nice foundation to start ramping up our campaign. And, of course, we’ve got to keep raising a lot more money. We’re probably never going to match Douglas‘s fundraising abilities."

Leahy, Welch endorse Barack Obama

(Senator Patrick Leah) "Barack Obama represents the America we once were and want to be again, leading with hope and opening the doors of opportunity to everyone, realizing the potential of our great nation for its citizens, but also as a leader of the free world.”


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