Voices in the weeks news: February 6, 2009

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Governor Douglas met with the President. Senator Sanders called for an investigation into the cause of the economic crisis. Workers rallied to fight job losses. A new study looked at Vermont’s future. And former state senator George Little was remembered.

These were some of the voices in this week’s news:

Douglas meets with Obama in support of stimulus package (2/2)

(Governor Jim Douglas) "The President understands what governors are facing the fiscal realities of dealing with the state budget at a time when the economy is soft and revenues are not performing well…he’s willing to reach across the aisle to engage Republicans and find some bipartisan consensus and provide more flexibility to the states."

Sanders calls for investigation of financial crisis (2/2)

(Senator Bernie Sanders) ‘People are furious. So what we need is an investigation to understand how this disaster occurred. And who is responsible."

Workers rally against state budget cuts (2/2)

(James Haslam of the Vermont Workers Center) "This is not the time that we need to be cutting public services when people need them the most. And this is not the time to be laying off workers when we don’t need anymore unemployed people out there than we already have."

UVM faculty ask Board to slow down on budget cuts (2/6)

(UVM Nursing Professor Judith Cohen) "It makes absolutely no strategic sense given the University’s emphasis on health and increasing enrollments that resources are not forthcoming to support programs at UVM where there is a high interest and even greater societal need."

Report studies trends shaping Vermont’s future (2/4)

(St. Michael’s College Professor Vince Bolduc) "Vermont is a little bit like a mid-sized city and kind of homogenous. So we miss some of the diversity that would be very nice to have."

George Little, environmental leader and former state senator, is remembered (2/5)

(Chittenden Senator Doug Racine) "George had a special affinity for folks who are struggling. George also had a real concern about where we’re going, the future of Vermont…He wanted Vermont to remain a special place for future generations his kids and his grand kids and his great grandchild."

AP Photo/Ron Edmonds 

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