Voices In The Week’s News: February 24, 2012

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Attorney General Bill Sorrell said the state is appealing the Vermont Yankee decision, the University of Vermont named a new president, Senator Leahy’s Burlington office was evacuated because of a suspicious letter, the Burlington Free Press announced it’s changing its print format and that it will start charging for online content, and plans to create a health care exchange in Vermont moved forward.

These were some of the voices in the news this week.

Sorrell Says Other States Should Join Vermont Yankee Appeal

(Sorrell) "Judge Murtha’s opinion going forward in issues that maybe don’t necessarily relate to Vermont Yankee, to nuclear power or even to Entergy issues, but to any other kinds of issues, there could be a chilling effect on legislative debate. And that could be a very unfortunate result of this decision."

New UVM President Will Face Tough Challenges 

(Cioffi) "Today we celebrate and welcome a man who has been a proud Gopher and is about to be a proud Catamount."

(Sullivan) "I think the University of Vermont is a very unique institution. As I look at its scope and its size and its values and its aspirations, they fit and align so well with my own experiences."

Leahy’s Vermont Office Receives Suspicious Letter

(Higbee) "The building was locked down, and city and state services were tied up here. The suspicious package was tested and it appears to be benign at the moment. The final test has not been conducted."

Burlington Free Press Changes Subscription, Format

(Kilian) "People understand that there’s no such thing as a free lunch and there’s value to the content that good news organizations produce and that they’re willing to pay for that, particularly with the ease of use now where you can be at your kids’ soccer game with a smart phone in your hand and you can keep up to date with local news being produced by your local newspaper."

House To Debate Major Health Care Initiative

(Shumlin) "It stifles job growth, it stifles investment, it stifles raises given to employees, it is killing business the rising cost of health care. This exchange will allow employers to get out of the healthcare business and out of their employees’ to get federal subsidies by buying directly in the Exchange."

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